“Captain America” ​​shows up to travel in Thailand

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Thailand is still one of the world’s top tourist destinations that foreign tourists wish to experience. and open to new experiences Once in a lifetime,

Tyler Adams, captain of the US national team who finished his mission to serve the country in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar After his hometown had to end his way in the round of 16 teams, he took the opportunity to come and relax at our home.

This event, the 23-year-old midfielder, was swinging with his lovely girlfriend Sarah Schmidt. Traveling to Southern Thailand The goal of both of them is Phuket and Phang Nga Province with beautiful sea nature

In addition, the young footballer also participated in the experience of playing football at the floating football field in Koh Panyee. in which he was excited to the point of posting pictures to show off to his friends with a caption saying Play football in a floating villageThis work made my friends Asked if there is a football field like this on this planet or power by ufabet

for Tyler Adams is in the period of rest after receiving the rights from Leeds United, his agency in the English Premiur league Do not have to travel back to report to the club. which football premier league Will return to open again on December 26th.